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Future-Town – Part 2 - Part B

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A lot of people think heaven will be boring, but that isn't what the Bible teaches. In the message "Future Town, Part 2," Skip shares about the fascinating things we'll be doing in heaven and what kind of people will be there.

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From the Sermon Series:

From the Edge of Eternity

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When Sheltering is a Problem - Part B

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Staying cooped up in our homes has uncovered lots of underlying problems. Some are dealing with depression and their own identity, while others are struggling in their marriage relationships, having so much time with each other. As Job’s losses turned into prolonged suffering, he too struggled with deep issues, two of which we deal with today.

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From the Sermon Series:

Shelter in Grace
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"Your teaching helps me to understand God. My life is not easy and there was a time I was jealous of my husband because he is in heaven and I have to deal with so much. I almost couldn't take it. One day I told God to quit, but then He let me know He is always there, so I decided to go further in my life with Him. It's still not easy but I know one day I will understand."


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