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Maximum Impact! - Part B

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Life cannot be lived in a vacuum. We live our lives in public, rubbing shoulders with people, both believers and unbelievers who are always watching us. How can we influence people with maximum impact? What ways can our example make an eternal difference right where we live? Paul's excellent example shows us exactly that. Below are the four "ships" that can noticeably impact the sea of our own sphere of influence.

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From the Sermon Series:

Paul's Long Road to Rome

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Think What to Do; Do What You Think - Part B

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Our minds are ever being confronted with ideas, temptations, principles, and values. The battlefield is found in mainstream and social media, universities, and professional journals. Because it's impossible to make it through any given day without bumping into these thoughts and ideas, we must carefully, righteously, and actively manage them. To plant an idea is to produce an action. What we ponder we eventually practice. Consider these three ways to think.

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