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#thestruggleisreal – Part A

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As believers, we all struggle. And the struggle we face is very real. When you love God and want to serve Him, many times you will fail. Skip encourages us to overcome the struggle as he shares the message "#thestruggleisreal."

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News Flash! You’re a Saint! - Part A

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You've heard it before. Someone excuses his or her crude behavior by saying something like, "Well, I'm no saint, but I do the best I can." Or, "She's so wonderful; she's a saint!" The idea most folks have is that saints are those who've died and attain special status because of their unusual accomplishments while they lived on earth. Nothing could have been further from Paul's mind when he wrote this letter to living "saints." I hope you're one.

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"Your teaching helps me to understand God. My life is not easy and there was a time I was jealous of my husband because he is in heaven and I have to deal with so much. I almost couldn't take it. One day I told God to quit, but then He let me know He is always there, so I decided to go further in my life with Him. It's still not easy but I know one day I will understand."


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