This week on Connect with Skip Heitzig, Skip shares about his story, the reach of this radio ministry, and the role of the church.

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Radio Special – Part A

All week, you'll hear from Skip like never before and you'll get to know him better. Today, Skip shares his story, how he came to Christ, when God called him to ministry, and how his past impacts his future.


Radio Special – Part B

Our culture has seen so much change in the last several decades, and there's no signs of that change slowing down soon. Today, Skip talks about his passion to teach God's Word in an ever-changing culture.


Radio Special – Part C

God doesn't need people to carry out His purposes on earth, but He chooses to use us—and He's given us an important job. Today, Skip talks about the role of the church in a rapidly changing world.


Radio Special – Part D

God's Word has the power to change lives; that's why Skip has dedicated his life to teaching the Bible. Today, Skip talks about the books he's written to help you study and gain more insight into the Scriptures.


Radio Special – Part E

Even in his early days of ministry, Skip knew the power of radio and how it could be used for God's glory—but technology is constantly advancing. Today, Skip talks about the different ways this ministry is working to share God's Word with more people.