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Pray for Love - Part A

The apostle Paul had a deep love for the Philippian believers. Our love must be understood and developed intelligently. As Skip begins the message “Pray for Love,” he considers how your love can become mature and God-honoring.

Skip Heitzig

Faith is important and hope is vital, but love is the culminating hallmark.


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Technicolor Joy: A Study through Philippians

In the series Technicolor Joy: A Study through Philippians, we learn how to find joy in the most unlikely places as we discover that God can add color to the most black and white moments in life.

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The Family Business - Part B

No matter what you may do for a living, there is a higher purpose for your life. No matter what you do for work, God is at work in you and through you. In the message “The Family Business,” Skip shares how you can be aware of God’s work.

The Ultimate Discovery - Part A

Finally, after Job and his friendly neighborhood philosophers debated back and forth, God comes to shed His penetrating light of truth on Job’s situation. This allowed Job to make some amazing findings about God and himself. As we close our series today we see how revelation leads to repentance and how this is not a one-time-for-all-time decision, but rather a way of life. Let’s peer over Job’s shoulder as he encounters the God he’s been crying out for throughout the book.

The Family Business - Part A

Your job and your calling are not contradictory paths but complementary ones. As Skip begins the message “The Family Business,” he reminds you that you are the object as well as the instrument of God’s work in the world.

News Flash: You’re a Saint! - Part B

Sometimes people excuse their behavior by saying something like, “Well, I’m no saint, but I do the best I can.” As Skip wraps up the message “News Flash: You’re a Saint!” he shares more about what a saint is.

News Flash: You’re a Saint! - Part A

Many people view saints as those who’ve died and attained special status because of their accomplishments. In the message “News Flash: You’re a Saint!” Skip explains that wasn’t exactly on Paul’s mind when he wrote this letter to living saints.

A Joy Unexpected - Part B

Paul’s letter to the Philippians dripped with joy. It’s surprising given the circumstances surrounding Paul. In the message “A Joy Unexpected,” Skip talks about the divine purpose Paul and his protégé Timothy found in their situation.

A Joy Unexpected - Part A

Life doesn’t have to be easy to be joyful. In fact, ease of living and joy of heart have little to do with each other. In the message “A Joy Unexpected,” Skip reminds you that joy is not the absence of trouble; it’s the presence of Jesus.

When God Can't Be Found - Part A

Sometimes in our Christian experience God seems afar off—silent and imperceptible. We diligently seek Him and call on Him but the heavens seem like impenetrable brass. Even more disturbing is when it seems like we’re suffering in the furnace of affliction—the very time we need God the most and yet it feels like He can’t be found. Where is He then? Why don’t we hear from Him? What should our attitude be?

Genesis 48:1-49:12 - Part C

Skip brings his series Joseph Looks a Lot Like Jesus to a close with a look at a blessing Jacob pronounced over Joseph's brother Judah: “You are he whom your brothers shall praise.” His words were a prophecy of the coming of Christ, who is called the Lion of the tribe of Judah.

Genesis 48:1-49:12 - Part B

At the end of his life, Jacob had things he wanted to set in order. The law said that the oldest son should receive a double portion, but Jacob chose to honor the younger of Joseph’s sons.

Genesis 48:1-49:12 - Part A

Jacob cared for Joseph for seventeen years before he was sold into slavery. In this study, we see that at the end of Jacob’s life, Joseph was able to care for his father for the same amount of time.

Genesis 46-47 - Part C

Genesis 47 shows us that Jacob and his family settled in the land of Goshen. And in this study, we learn about more ways that Joseph was a type of Christ.

Genesis 46-47 – Part B

Joseph finally reunited with his father, Jacob, and in this study, we examine one of the promises God made to Jacob: that a great nation would come from him.

Epiphany! - Part B

If you were reading through the book of Job and came to this chapter, you might remark, "What happened to Job? He got religion!" It’s as if Job received a sudden and most amazing insight. When you consider how little God had revealed in Job’s day about the future and about life after death, these words are a remarkable testimony of faith. It’s nothing short of an epiphany of hope.

Genesis 46-47 - Part A

Joseph never stopped trusting in God’s faithfulness. And as we look at the reunion between Joseph and Jacob, we learn that we must view all of life’s challenges through the lens of God’s sovereignty.

Genesis 44:18-45:28 - Part C

When Joseph forgave his brothers, he told them not to grieve or be angry with themselves—he pointed them to God’s sovereignty. In this study, Skip explains that genuine forgiveness doesn’t parade people’s sins in front of them.

Genesis 44:18-45:28 - Part B

When Judah pled for mercy for his brother Benjamin, Joseph knew he changed. Judah was no longer a jealous man but stood up for his father’s favorite son. As Skip continues to examine Joseph’s life, Skip encourages us to love others well.

Genesis 44:18-45:28 - Part A

Joseph saw life’s difficulties through the filter of God’s sovereignty. As we continue to study Genesis 44, we see that his vertical relationship with the Lord equipped him to restore his horizontal relationships with his brothers.

Genesis 43:1-44:17 - Part C

Joseph wanted to see what his brothers would do if their youngest brother, Benjamin, was in danger. In this study, we continue to look at the tests Joseph put his brothers through, and we learn the motives behind his heart.

Epiphany! - Part A

If you were reading through the book of Job and came to this chapter, you might remark, "What happened to Job? He got religion!" It’s as if Job received a sudden and most amazing insight. When you consider how little God had revealed in Job’s day about the future and about life after death, these words are a remarkable testimony of faith. It’s nothing short of an epiphany of hope.

Genesis 43:1-44:17 - Part B

Joseph wanted to see his younger brother, Benjamin, but Jacob was reluctant to send his youngest son to Egypt. As Skip continues to unfold the reunion between Joseph and his brothers, he gives us some insight on dealing with guilt.

Genesis 43:1-44:17 - Part A

Retaliation is the natural response when you deal with difficult people. But when Joseph was placed in a powerful position, he chose a different path. Join Skip as he continues our study on the life of Joseph.

Genesis 42 - Part C

Joseph knew that his brothers were scoundrels, but he tested them to see if they had changed. As Skip wraps up our study in Genesis 42, we see God’s purpose for all the circumstances in Joseph’s life.

Genesis 42 - Part B

When Jacob sent his sons to Egypt to buy food, they ended up standing before Joseph. In this study of Genesis 42, Skip dives into Joseph’s response to seeing his brothers as he begins sharing some lessons in forgiveness.

Genesis 42 - Part A

The story of Joseph shows how God can take all the circumstances in our lives and work them together for good—even when we can’t imagine the outcome. Join Skip as he begins our study in Genesis 42.

Is Death the Final Word? - Part B

"A grave, wherever found, reaches a short and pithy sermon to the soul." These words, penned by Nathaniel Hawthorne, are right! Cemeteries remind us of our future on this earth - the only real estate we’ll hold onto for awhile! Job was keenly aware of his own mortality but unsure about his immortality. How can mortal man penetrate beyond the grave and find assurance and peace for his own heart? He can’t without Christ!

Genesis 40-41 - Part C

When Joseph interpreted the dreams of the pharaoh, he saved the nation of Egypt from starvation. In return, Pharaoh made him the number two man in the kingdom. Join Skip as he continues to examine the life of Joseph.

Genesis 40-41 - Part B

Joseph was accused of wrongdoing, and even though he was innocent, he ended up in jail. Little did he know it was by divine appointment. As we study his life, we see that God was sovereignly fulfilling His purpose for Joseph.

Genesis 40-41 - Part A

Sudden changes can be hard to take. One day, Joseph was the favored son and the next he was sold as a slave—but he didn’t complain. In this study of Genesis 40, Skip challenges you to evaluate how you treat God when you suffer a setback.

Genesis 38:9-39:23 - Part C

Through everything that happened in Joseph’s life, the Lord was developing his faith, using pain to cause it to grow. As Skip studies Genesis 39, he shows us that Joseph continues to trust God despite the bad circumstances in his life.

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