How to Have Unfathomable Peace - Part B

Skip Heitzig
From: Give Peace a Chance

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Getting your home ready for Christmas can be both exciting and overwhelming. And as the end of 2021 approaches, Christmastime can also be a season of reflection—a time to reevaluate your priorities and life choices and think about the year ahead. Be intentional as you reflect on the past and consider the future while you prepare your heart to celebrate Christmas with Skip Heitzig's The Daily God Book and Playlist, an eight-message teaching series on significant psalms on your choice of CDs or MP3 player.

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Some battles are obvious: international border disputes, hotly contested elections, even school curriculum controversy. But for Christians, a far more consequential battle calls for our attention—a battle that is as relevant today as it was when Jude penned his letter to the early church. Become a contender for biblical truth with Skip Heitzig's teaching series Fight for the House and Tactics by Gregory Koukl.

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