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Sound bites—that's how most people get the bulk of their information. Attention spans are down, so we need to reach our culture where they live and think. That's what Hotspots with Skip Heitzig are all about. A mobile, multitasking, and overloaded generation is accustomed to receiving everything from breaking news to social media in bite-size chunks. In response to that, Hotspots with Skip Heitzig offer sixty seconds of quick axioms, current events, and sharp calls-to-action from the Bible.

Eight Hotspots with Skip Heitzig are provided each month from Connect with Skip and will make a strong addition to your format.

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Have Skip's Teachings Impacted Your Life? Many thousands have enjoyed Skip's verse-by-verse Bible teachings

"Amazing message—"Jesus Loves People"—truly from my Lord via you…. As one who deals with debilitating illness [and] relentless pain, the points raised could only be from Jesus and reminded [me that] He—our High Priest—suffered all things as we do…. Bless you and all the efforts of you and beautiful Lenya on His behalf." 


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Connect with Skip Heitzig App

Connect with Skip Heitzig App

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