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Surprising Ingredients for Greatness - Part B

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During his early years of privacy, difficulty, and obscurity, Paul was molded into greatness. In the message “Surprising Ingredients for Greatness,” Skip explains that those years largely determined what Paul emerged as later on.

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Paul's Long Road to Rome

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To The World - Part A

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The word gospel means good news—and to the Christian, the gospel of Jesus Christ is the best news. For some, however, it is the best-kept secret. As we study the early church in Acts 2, we find out what happens when the called ones become the sent ones.

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From the Sermon Series:

Where Lives Are Changed
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"Amazing message—"Jesus Loves People"—truly from my Lord via you…. As one who deals with debilitating illness [and] relentless pain, the points raised could only be from Jesus and reminded [me that] He—our High Priest—suffered all things as we do…. Bless you and all the efforts of you and beautiful Lenya on His behalf." 


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