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The Destructive Harvest of a Bitter Heart - Part B

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Someone who has become embittered in life has planted kernels of unresolved anger in their heart. In the message "The Destructive Harvest of a Bitter Heart," Skip explains how the fruit of bitterness can become a trap.

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From the Sermon Series:

White Collar Sins

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When You Haven't Got a Prayer - Part A

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The great mission worker Hudson Taylor was often refreshed by times of prayer. His son noted, "For forty years the sun never rose on China that God didn't find him on his knees." Someone called prayer the gymnasium of the soul. When was the last time you had a good "workout"? Today we delve into the mysterious cooperation of the divine and the human and consider the last topic in our White Collar Sins series--prayerlessness.

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From the Sermon Series:

White Collar Sins
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See the full listing

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"Your teaching helps me to understand God. My life is not easy and there was a time I was jealous of my husband because he is in heaven and I have to deal with so much. I almost couldn't take it. One day I told God to quit, but then He let me know He is always there, so I decided to go further in my life with Him. It's still not easy but I know one day I will understand."


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