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John 10:1-24 - Part B

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Sheep are not the smartest animals—they're prone to wander and need guidance and protection. Skip explains how you can tune out the world to hear your Shepherd's voice as he continues our study in John 10.

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From the Sermon Series:

Parables of Jesus

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Against All Odds - Part B

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In this series, we examine together the remarkable nature of predictive biblical prophecy. The odds of one person in history fulfilling the precise prognostications of Old Testament prophecy about the Messiah are nothing short of staggering. One of the first groups to ever be wowed by it was a few of the disciples after the resurrection of Christ. Their experience went from sorrow to joy in a single afternoon. A similar examination of prophecy will do the same for us.

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From the Sermon Series:

Against All Odds
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