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Genesis 43:1-44:17 - Part A

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Retaliation is the natural response when you deal with difficult people. But when Joseph was placed in a powerful position, he chose a different path. Join Skip as he continues our study on the life of Joseph.

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Joseph Looks a Lot Like Jesus

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The World’s Most Unusual Birth - Part B

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We've seen how God repeatedly makes specific predictions about a coming Messiah throughout the books of the prophets, adding layers of details that exponentially decrease the odds of any success of their fulfillment. It's one of His unique traits (see Isaiah 41:21-24). Today we come to a prediction that is simply off the charts—the prediction that the Messiah would be virgin-born. We explore a bit of why the virgin birth is not an incidental but an absolute necessity.

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From the Sermon Series:

Against All Odds
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