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Growing, Growing, Gone! - Part A

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Physical growth is often measured in feet and inches. It seems like one minute, children are babies, and then they’re leaving for college! In the message “Growing, Growing, Gone!” Skip explains how to measure spiritual growth.

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Paul's Long Road to Rome

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How to Treat Good (but Imperfect) People – Part A

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Some of the greatest people I have ever met have been relatively unknown individuals. They serve diligently behind the scenes with no desire for the limelight. Their names are not known to men, yet they are known to God. But even the choicest servants of God are not perfect. We all have our blemishes, shortfalls, quirks, idiosyncrasies, and oddities. Paul gave us an excellent way to treat such people in his words about his friend Epaphroditus.

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"Your teaching helps me to understand God. My life is not easy and there was a time I was jealous of my husband because he is in heaven and I have to deal with so much. I almost couldn't take it. One day I told God to quit, but then He let me know He is always there, so I decided to go further in my life with Him. It's still not easy but I know one day I will understand."


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