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Surviving and Thriving in a Cultural Swamp - Part A

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To visit one of the great cultural centers of the world (New York, Paris, London) can be exciting. Museums, plays and galleries fill the landscape. Activity is constant and creativity is rampant. But beneath this veneer of cultural glitz is a murky swamp of loneliness and vulnerability—a spiritual void. How can we survive in our culture? And even more importantly, how can we be a significant influence in it? Today we consider four things that will help us make an impact.

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From the Sermon Series:

Paul's Long Road to Rome

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The Anatomy of a Healthy Church - Part B

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In the New Testament, the church is often called “the body of Christ.” Like a human body, it has many parts and functions. The church at Philippi was growing and with growth comes growing pains. In this section, Paul addressed some of them and applied the right prescription for what was threatening this group. Let’s consider five necessary components of a healthy church.

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