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Where You Fit in God's Plan - Part A

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God’s plan always involves people, and that includes you. He had you in mind when He put His plan together for the whole world. So where do you fit in that plan? Skip answers that question in the message “Where You Fit in God’s Plan.

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1 & 2 Peter - Rock Solid - 2013

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Jesus Loves People, BUT… - Part A

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In this last message of our series Jesus Loves People, we want to bring equilibrium to the series itself. It’s true that God loves people. It’s equally true that He hates evil and the practice of it. Today we want to show how both the wrath of God and the love of God are integral parts of the nature of God Himself. This is crucial so that we don’t distort Him to the world and mislead people eternally. Let’s consider three requirements for representing the God who loves people.

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From the Sermon Series:

Jesus Loves People
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