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Fact-Check Your Faith - Part B

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Romans 8:28 tells us that "all things work together for good to those who love God." In the message "Fact-Check Your Faith," Skip shares how you can find peace in the circumstances you face when you invite God's truth into the situation.

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Enoch: Fact-Checking Your Walk - Part B

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How busy were you before the coronavirus pandemic? Was your work piling up with looming deadlines? Did your family have a full calendar? Many have discovered that we were moving too fast before life suddenly came to a halt. Even in ministry we can move too fast. The pandemic has forced us to slow down and evaluate our priorities. In this teaching, Skip Heitzig looks to Enoch to demonstrate how you have a powerful testimony by simply walking with God day after day.

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"Your teaching helps me to understand God. My life is not easy and there was a time I was jealous of my husband because he is in heaven and I have to deal with so much. I almost couldn't take it. One day I told God to quit, but then He let me know He is always there, so I decided to go further in my life with Him. It's still not easy but I know one day I will understand."


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