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Your tongue, your mouth—a metaphor for the words that you speak—is one of the most dangerous parts about you.…

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…God wants more than fans; He wants followers.

What would you do differently in life if given the chance? Here are four things every follower of God should start doing now.

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November 2017 Offer

November 2017 Offer

Bible from 30,000 Feet 2018 Calendar

Reading the Bible should be a lifetime commitment. God is deeply concerned with the ins and outs of your life, and nothing does His work in your heart like His Word. This month's resource from Connect with Skip Heitzig is a great yearlong reminder to stay rooted in Scripture: the exclusive Bible from 30,000 Feet 2018 calendar that is based on Skip Heitzig's latest book, The Bible from 30,000 Feet. Each month of this air travel-themed calendar features excerpts from the book that will encourage you to get a better handle on your Bible and let your faith fly higher than ever before.

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